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White Fillings for Kids in Granada Hills CA

When it comes to treating cavities, fillings are the number one treatment options. For children and adults, there are different types of fillings that can be used to treat a cavity issue. Most parents often find it difficult to decide the type of fillings for their kids. Most of our dentists in ABC Kids Dental Group recommend white fillings for kids. 

What Are White Fillings? 

White fillings are basically tooth-colored resins used to fill cavities. Also called dental composites, white fillings are made of plastic and fillers like silica and dimethylglyoxime, which helps them to bond easily with teeth surfaces. 

White fillings are great for kids as well as adults. They are particularly great for kids because they are less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Other benefits of white fillings include: 

  • Aesthetic appeal since they are natural-looking and even shine better 
  • Enhanced safety since they are biocompatible and contains no potentially dangerous metal or chemical 
  • Improved stability since they do not expand or contract due to temperature variation. 

When Are White Fillings Recommended For Kids? 

Dental fillings, including white fillings, are not just for adults. Children also need fillings when they have certain dental issues like cracked, disfigured, or decayed teeth. Baby teeth also develop cavities, and white fillings will help to restore such teeth. 

What Benefits Do White Fillings Offer Kids? 

White fillings offer several benefits to kids. The most important benefits you can expect are: 

  • It restores the function of decayed, cracked or disfigured tooth, allowing the child to chew, speak, and smile properly 
  • It improves the appearance of a kids teeth 
  • It helps the child to have a pain-free and healthy mouth. 

The Right Place to Get White Fillings for Kids 

Do you feel your little one may be a good candidate for white fillings for kids? ABC Kids Dental Group is the right place to be. The group has earned an enviable reputation in the country. Dr. Nick Ghasaryan and his team of experts will give your child the proper pediatric dental care for optimum oral health and overall wellbeing.