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Children can benefit from simple extractions. At ABC Kids Dental Group, our kid dentist considers all possible options before resorting to extractions. When we determine that simple extraction is necessary, you can be sure that it will deliver lots of benefits for your child. 

When Simple Extraction Is Required 

The removal of a single tooth (tooth extraction) is recommended for many reasons. Ideally, it is recommended when removal of the tooth is the best way to maintain the health of a child’s remaining teeth and promote optimal oral health and its many benefits. 

Simple extraction becomes the best way to offer relief and dental benefits when a child has serious tooth decay or has suffered severe trauma. It is also an excellent solution to the problems with long and misshapen roots. Simple extraction will also help when there is an interference with the growth of a permanent tooth. 

What to Expect 

When we determine that simple extraction will be the best or only choice for your child, we will discuss the details of the treatment with you. The procedure will be scheduled for a date that is convenient for all parties involved. 

At ABC Kids Dental Group, we have experienced dentists and staff members who have worked with kids for several years. They will ensure that your child is comfortable throughout the procedure. Local anesthesia will be administered to completely numb the area before the actual procedure starts. Additional anesthesia or sedation may be required to keep anxious children calm. 

In some instances, our dentist may recommend replacing the extracted tooth with a space maintainer. The purpose is to keep the surrounding teeth and jaw from shifting. It will help to ensure proper alignment, even when permanent teeth start replacing baby teeth. 

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