Should I take action if my child loses teeth?

Children are susceptible to a range of dental problems that can might have long-term consequences in the event that they are not dealt with appropriately. One of the main reasons for parents to bring their daughters or sons to a pediatric emergency dentist is due to chipped or damaged teeth.

If your child is chipping or breaking a tooth, it’s vital to get him checked by an emergency dentist for children whenever possible even if the chip appears to be small. It is still important to make certain that the tooth isn’t suffering any major damage that requires intervention.

If your child chips teeth, it’s vital to get him checked by an emergency dentist for children immediately even if the chip seems to be minimal.

Even a tiny fracture or chip can have permanent consequences for children’s dental health. There may be an opening that’s not visible by the naked eyes, but it lets oral bacteria penetrate the tooth’s inner core, which is sensitive and trigger an infection.

There are steps parents can do at home prior to going to the dentist. First, wash the mouth of your child. If there’s any swelling then you can minimize it by applying an ice bag or cold pack. If you can, save the tooth fragment and take it to your dentist’s appointment in case it’s possible to reattach it.

The dentist will carefully examine your child, and then either reconnect the tooth fragment when it’s available and the treatment is possible or to re-contour your tooth to eliminate any edges that are jagged or employ a bonding substance that fills in space in the case of large chips.

A dentist may also provide instructions on how to care for teeth at home once it has been treated. The child might need to modify their routine in the first few days after the tooth has been repaired, based on the procedure employed.

The most important thing to do when faced with any dental emergency, which includes chipped teeth it is to create an idea in advance so that you know what you should do in the event that the need occurs.  Contact us at 818-504-9216 for a consultation with our pediatric dentist should you ever experience an emergency for your kid.