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Root Canal for Kids, Children in Granada Hills CA

When your child experiences tooth pain, perhaps due to an infection, you may think that removing the problematic baby tooth is the best solution because a healthy, permanent tooth will erupt anyway. However, pediatric dentists recommend that you try to maintain baby teeth whenever possible instead of extracting them prematurely. It is for this reason that root canal therapy for kids is a potential option for saving a baby tooth that is affected by extensive decay.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure to remove diseased pulp from your child’s tooth. The pulp is tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels that fill the tooth center. Once the center of the tooth has been cleared out and disinfected, the open space is filled and sealed.

What to expect 

Root canal for baby teeth involves a pulpotomy, where only the infected pulp chamber is removed. This is a different procedure from root canal therapy for adults. For the most part, the dentists do not need to use special instruments to remove the pulp from the roots of the baby tooth since only the surface nerve structure in the chamber is removed. This makes the root canal therapy procedure much faster and more comfortable for children. Also, after the root canal therapy is completed, a baby crown is placed on the tooth right away to protect the weakened tooth.

When to consider root canal for kids 

The need for root canal therapy is often indicated if a tooth is:

  • Causing pain 
  • Feels sensitive to different temperatures
  • Chipped or cracked with the pulp already exposed

These situations cause the pulp to become damaged beyond simple medication or surface repair. As a result, the infected pulp is removed through root canal therapy and a crown is placed on the tooth, allowing it to be strong enough so the tooth can remain in the child’s mouth until the permanent tooth erupts. Even if the permanent tooth is about to erupt, your child can still get root canal treatment because the material used is biocompatible, and won’t negatively affect the incoming permanent tooth. Rather, the tooth and crown will get loose in its own time and will fall out like all other baby teeth.

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