My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics by ABC Kids Dental Group

ABC Kids Dental Group is a dental practice that is exclusively for children’s smiles.

The pediatric dentists at our kids’ dental office have completed years of training beyond the requirements of dental school in order to become specialists in pediatric dentistry. Our office specializes in general pediatric dentistry. Initial braces evaluations are recommended for children as young as 7. We are happy to offer emergency dentistry services to children at any hour of the day, 24 hours a day. Teledentistry allows you to consult with a pediatric dentist at home via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

We are happy to accept most major insurance plans. We can also help you with flexible financing options that will fit your family’s needs. We would love to help your children smile. Call or book online today to make an appointment.

Smile Generation Dental Plan is also available. This plan offers discounted prices for dental services and makes modern dentistry more affordable.

Orthodontists have many benefits

Orthodontics offers additional benefits than cosmetic enhancements. There are many benefits to straightening your teeth:

  • Self-esteem improvement
  • Improvements in the function of the teeth, including improved chewing and clearer speech and pronunciation
  • The collection of food particles between teeth reduces the risk of developing dental caries
  • Overbite and malocclusions reduce the risk of gum injury or trauma
  • The goals of orthodontic treatment

  • Cosmetic corrections and improvements to appearance
  • Healthy functional bites
  • Prevention of dental diseases
  • The methods used by specialists in orthodontics

    Braces can be used to straighten teeth in children, adults, and adolescents. They may be removable or fixed. These braces can be adjusted to straighten teeth and allow for growth and development.

    There are risks associated with orthodontic treatment

    Failure to achieve the desired result from orthodontics is one of the greatest risks. In most cases, the benefits of treatment outweigh any potential risks. Here are some of the possible risks:

  • Tooth decay early in life – If plaque builds up around braces, it can lead to tooth decay.
  • Root resorption, or the dissolution of the roots of teeth – This can lead to movement and binding of teeth with braces.
  • Braces can cause loss of gum support. Braces and orthodontic treatment can cause or aggravate gum inflammation, and increase the likelihood of developing gum disease.