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Summer Foods For Healthy Teeth By ABC Kids Dental Group

It’s summer, the temperature is high, it’s time to throw a family barbecue! Summer brings out the best in you food, fun and outdoor fun. You may also be tempted to eat food that isn’t healthy. There’s no reason to limit your intake of ice cream. The summer season also brings a bounty of delicious fresh foods. This exciting season brings you the best harvest of tomatoes, squashes, melons and berries. You will also find a wide variety of delicious, healthy foods. Our dental health is directly affected by what we eat. These delicious foods are worth trying, especially if they help to nourish your gums and teeth. This will boost your oral health as well as your overall health.

Tasty Fresh Ruits Summer Style

You may not be aware of the fact that the food you eat directly impacts the health and appearance of your teeth. Our teeth may not love ice cream cones as much as we do. Tooth decay can be caused by sugary treats or sticky treats. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of delicious summer fruits. The oral health benefits are numerous. Dessert doesn’t need to be the end of tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Peaches-This popular summer fruit adds a natural sweetness and flavor to any meal or snack. Peaches are a healthy option because they contain vitamin C as well as fluoride.
  • Strawberries-Strawberries are a spring crop that continues into the summer. They are a smart choice for smart food because they contain high levels of vitamin C, collagen and fluoride.
  • Blueberries- A crowd favorite, blueberries contain rich vitamins and are high in antioxidants. Vitamin K1, vitamin C and manganese are all added to the diet.
  • Apples-Although apples are typically a fall harvest fruit there are many varieties that can be purchased in the summer. High water content in apples can increase saliva production and wash away any natural sugars.
  • Watermelon-Some people wait anxiously for summer just to have watermelon. It’s a wonderful fruit that contains vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium. It also has fiber and has the lowest sugar content of all fruits.
  • Cantaloupe-It’s not summer without fresh cantaloupe. This popular melon is very good for you, providing youbetacarotene and vitamin C as well as water, folate and fiber.
  • Honeydew Melon-Honeydew brings more sweetness to the summer and is full of good stuff like vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.
  • Tomatoes-This summer fruit, which is often referred to as a vegetable but can be found on any table, regardless of what category it falls under, is a staple in the summer season. Tomatoes are an essential part of a healthy diet, packed with vitamin C, vitamin C, potassium and folate.
  • These are only a few of the many varieties of fresh, ripe fruit that you will find this summer. Be aware that many of these fruits are high in acid, which can potentially cause damage to enamel. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy them. To help neutralize the acid, you can pair fruit salad with a glass of water. To neutralize acid effects, you can also combine your fruit with an unaltered food. This would be a good idea for nuts like almonds. A fruit dessert can be topped with an apple. Apples are high in water and can aid in the production of saliva. This saliva can be used to wash away food residues and bacteria. You don’t need apples to brush your teeth, but you wish you did. Keep a bowl with sugar-free chewing gum and a serving dish handy so that you and your guests can keep your dental health in the forefront.

    While we’ve covered sweet fruits, let’s not forget about the delicious summertime vegetables that are available at this time of year.

    Tasty Fresh Summer Time Vegetables

    Butter Lettuce- Butter lettuce is a popular choice among all the leafy greens that are available in summertime. It is rich in vitamin A, and it can produce enamel for your teeth. It is also rich in calcium, vitamin C, and iron. Summer salads with fresh vegetables, fruits and lettuce are always welcome!

  • Summer Squash You can’t go wrong when you grill, roast, bake, or fry summer squash. This squash variety is rich in vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin B6, as well as folate and manganese.
  • Corn There’s nothing like looking at tall, green, lush cornfields in summer. Corn is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E. It’s also high in fiber. Fresh corn is a must-have for summer, whether you’re eating it raw or adding it to your dishes.
  • Potatoes There’s no picnic without potato salad! Potatoes are high in vitamin C, pantothenic acids, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B6, and phosphorous. Potatoes are always a good side dish, no matter how you prepare them.
  • Zucchini Although classified as a vegetable, it is botanically a fruit. However, zucchini has many admirers because of its versatility. It is rich in vitamin A, manganese and vitamin C as well as potassium, magnesium, and potassium. This vegetable is another delicious version of squash.
  • Green Beans This side dish is a favorite with many families. They are high in fiber, and have vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K.
  • Healthy Foods Means Good Oral Health

    These healthy summer meals are a great way for you to encourage your loved ones and to improve your oral health. You’ll be a blessing to your teeth! These summer crops make delicious, healthy meals. Grill that burger you like, but pair it with a salad and a fresh corn salsa. Balance is key to healthy eating.

    Many of these vegetables and fruits can be paired together to make a delicious meal. You can easily chop and combine your favorite fruits into a fruit salad. You can also enjoy fresh raw vegetables with your favorite dips or hummus. These delicious summer foods will spice up your summer menu planning.