9 Tips To Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

We as parents understand the importance and try to instill good dental habits in our children. Healthy adult teeth begin with healthy children teeth.

Children should be free from cavities. Poor dental health can have a serious impact on their oral health and affect more than just their smiles. A study by the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry found that:

Untreated dental disease can affect a child’s ability and capacity to eat, sleep, and function at school and home. Untreated dental decay can cause a child to lose their self-esteem and social development. Source: The consequences of untreated pediatric dental disease in children

How to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy?

Many of the negative effects of a poor smile can last well beyond childhood. National Children’s Dental Health Month is a great time to share some tips on keeping your kids’ teeth healthy.

You can be a role model. Children love to copy others, so be a role model for your children and show good oral hygiene habits. Instead of sending your children to the bathroom alone, brush and floss together. Make it a part of your daily routine, and not a chore.

Teach your children. Teach children under 3 years old how to use toothpaste that is rice-sized. When children are able to spit and swallow the toothpaste, they will be able to use a pea-sized amount. Children can brush their teeth daily once they have reached the point where they touch one another.

Keep dental appointments. Maintain a routine of two visits to the dentist each year. Include your children in this. You will help your children make the appointment a routine and a regular activity. Your child should visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth, or their first birthday. Then, they should go twice a year.

Talk. Talk to your children about what they can expect from the dentist. Talk to your dentist at their next dental appointment about any concerns, such as crowding or thumb sucking, loss of teeth, mouth guards, or other concerns.

Get healthy food Sugary drinks and foods can lead to cavities. Sugar can cause decay if it is allowed to sit on your tooth. We all want strong, healthy teeth so we can enjoy the things that we love.

Brush. Although it is recommended to brush twice daily for at least two minutes, this is not always possible. If you wish, set a timer or use a tartar dye to ensure that all surfaces of your teeth are reached. Also, make sure that you brush for a long enough period to remove plaque. You can use apps to make brushing your teeth and caring for it fun.

Sealants are an option. Talk to your dentist about having your child’s smile sealed. Sealants can prevent cavities from resulting in fillings. Reward yourself. Use rewards.

Don’t share germs. You should not share sippy cups, bottles or other items with your children. It is possible for bacteria to be spread from one person’s mouth to another, which can lead to illness. To prevent bacterial infections like thrush, be sure to clean out all objects that might be in your baby’s mouth.

Healthy Kids Teeth Goals Healthy teeth for children. It should be your goal to help your family achieve healthy teeth starting in childhood. These healthy children’s teeth goals will help you jump start your lifetime habits.

  • Sugary Foods Avoid
  • Brush twice a day
  • Daily flossing and mouthwash (as per age)
  • Two visits to the dentist per year
  • Make oral health fun!
  • Good parenting and a great dentist are key to healthy teeth. Locate one near you right now.