Good Oral Hygiene

8 Tips for How to Teach A child to practice Good Oral Hygiene.

Towards the end of the toddler years, ramp up your teaching efforts so your child understands the importance of oral health and knows what to do to achieve it. Not sure where to start? Try these 8 tips for teaching your child oral hygiene: 1. Let your child brush their own teeth but supervise their …

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How to Make a Trip to The Dentist an Enjoyable Experience for Your Kids?

Going to the dentist is a trip that is dreaded by most children. As a parent, it could be a troublesome experience to say the least to take their child to the dentist, since most of the times it is accompanied by unwillingness, restraint, and even the shrill cries! To ease the experience, following are …

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Tips to soothing sore gums by ABC Kids Dental Group

The bottom incisor is usually the first to show up. You should inspect your child’s gums to check for bumps. This could be a sign that there are newly surfacing teeth. Teething can be slower in some babies than for others. Infants may experience symptoms up to a month before the actual tooth appears. There …

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If your Baby is Teething by ABC Kids Dental Group

Your baby’s sleeping routine is now in place. You foolishly believe you are free from the nursery of your infant. You might be surprised! You can’t stop your baby from cutting a tooth. ABC Dental says, “You are spared for the first one to three month, but then the teeth keep coming in,” You don’t …

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Healthy Teeth

Summer Foods For Healthy Teeth By ABC Kids Dental Group

It’s summer, the temperature is high, it’s time to throw a family barbecue! Summer brings out the best in you food, fun and outdoor fun. You may also be tempted to eat food that isn’t healthy. There’s no reason to limit your intake of ice cream. The summer season also brings a bounty of delicious …

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Space Maintainer

Does Your Child Need a Space Maintainer by ABC Kids Dental Group?

You may not think much of your child losing a baby tooth due to decay, removal, or trauma. Your child’s permanent teeth will replace the baby teeth that are missing. It is true that your child will eventually have permanent teeth erupt from the space left by the missing baby tooth. However, baby teeth that …

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Kids Friendly Dentist

Kids Friendly Dentist by ABC Kids Dental Group

The first visit to the dentist for your child is an important milestone that can set the foundation for a lifetime in good dental health. It is important that your child feels at ease with the dentist. A family dentist is the best choice for children’s dentists. These general dentists can treat all members of …

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My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics by ABC Kids Dental Group

ABC Kids Dental Group is a dental practice that is exclusively for children’s smiles. The pediatric dentists at our kids’ dental office have completed years of training beyond the requirements of dental school in order to become specialists in pediatric dentistry. Our office specializes in general pediatric dentistry. Initial braces evaluations are recommended for children …

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Kid Dental Group

Kids Dental Group in San Fernando

ABC Kids Dental Group is dedicated to providing the best quality care. Our practice is equipped with the necessary equipment and staff to address today’s most complex pediatric dental issues. We also offer a warm and welcoming environment. We will make sure that your first visit is informative and comfortable. Our patients have a comfortable …

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Children's Dental Specialists

Children’s Dental Specialists in Reseda

Children’s Dental Specialists treats each child like a family. We treat them with compassion, patience, respect, and love. Children feel comfortable in a dental environment when we foster trust through positive, enjoyable visits. Our practice is dual-specialty, treating infants, children and teens as well as patients with special needs. We would be delighted to work …

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